Georgie - The Lake George NY Monster

Georgie - The Lake George Monster

Georgie, The Lake George Monster, is back with this fun original illustration by Merry Marks, highlighting the hoax that first scared tourists and locals in the early 1900s and then resurfaced (pun intended) later in the 1930s. Harry Watrous created a "monster" for Lake George in an effort to get back at Colonel William Mann over a prank from Mann. During a bet to see who could catch the biggest trout in Lake George, Mann had used a fake dummy fish to win the contest. After realizing he had been hooked by the prank, Watrous decided to get even by creating an approximately 10-foot-long monster of his own creation to prowl the depths of Lake George - scaring those who saw this “monster” rise in different areas of the lake. Watrous fessed up to the hoax later in the 1930s, but not after one last series of appearances by the "monster". Still, one wonders if the hoax gave some other slippery serpent of the deep cover, as reports of strange sightings are common on many lakes throughout the world. Is it possible something still lurks out there in the beautiful Lake George waters? Regardless, it is good fun to have an imagination about what might be prowling the waters of the lake known as the "Queen of American Lakes." 

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