About Merry Marks

upstate new york camp mug on a rock in front of Letchworth State Park bridge

Merry Marks, LLC was started to bring our family's love of the great outdoors and spending time together with our love for humor and a good laugh. We're a family of artists, designers, writers, cartoonists, and illustrators looking to make your day a bit more merry through our work while also making a difference through supporting nature focused non-profit organizations. Based in Upstate NY, we also offer place-based apparel and gifts that is inspired by the natural beauty and iconic destinations of our home region. We hope you enjoy what we have created for you!

The team includes:

Lesley Dixon, Manager of Merriment 

Lesley is the co-founder of Merry Marks, LLC and serves as the Manager of Merriment (a.k.a. Managing Partner). She is clearly the brains behind the operation but also is an award-winning nature photographer. She is an avid gardener and has never met a new plant species she didn't want to get to know better. She can also name just about every bird that crosses through the backyard or overhead while exploring.

Greg Dixon, Chief Creative Officer

Greg is the co-founder of Merry Marks, LLC and works primarily on coming up with ideas for new designs, funny sayings, and business development. His wit is quicker than his hiking speed at this stage of things, but he does love all things nature and outdoors. Greg is also a published cartoonist and rabid Celtics fan.

Aislynn Dixon, Design and Marketing Maven

Aislynn is a rising writing superstar and loves a good laugh. A social media maven in her own right, she keeps the Merry Marks brand out there for all to enjoy. Also a talented artist, she is fond of creating art with watercolors, markers, and acrylic paints. Aislynn is an award-winning writer, and we're all looking forward to reading her first novel.

Parker Dixon, Digital Design Dynamo

Parker works on new illustrations and designs, plus has a wicked awesome wit (for those New England fans of Merry Marks). He is savvy in all things digital, having recently created his own animation youtube channel. Parker also is a 2x robotics champion (with his brother Ethan), cartoonist and avid golfer. He never met a Star Wars movie he didn't like (though, even he must admit he doesn't like Jar Jar Binks). He is also a fraternal twin of Ethan.

Ethan Dixon, Digital Design Dynamo

Ethan helps to create new designs through his unique art and humor 1-2 punch. He most likely will build an invention to save the universe in his future, but for now is lending his considerable talents to Merry Marks. He is a 2x robotics champion (with his brother Parker), cartoonist, golfer, builder of many projects, and skateboarder. He's often found debating which Star Wars movie is best with his fraternal twin brother Parker.

Please see these pages for our commitment to Sustainability and Social Responsibility efforts.